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Yearly Service Maintenance 

Maintenance is the key to a long life of your engine and vessel. Most marine engines require a yearly service maintenance. The best time to complete this service is once every 12 months or every 100 hrs of engine operation, whichever comes first.

Every service is different but typically includes: 

Water pump kit / impeller
Spark plugs
Engine grease / prop shaft grease
Engine oil / oil filter
Fuel filter / Water separator
Gear oil change
Cap / rotor / spark plugs

Minor Cosmetic Repairs

We provide Cosmetic Repair backed with many years of industry experience, if your vessel shows imperfections we can surely assist. 

Our cosmetic repair services include:
Gel coat nicks, dings and scratches
Rub rail damage
Caulking removal and replacement

Wash & Detail

A customizable service with you and your vessel in mind. Either a one time service or monthly; our services include Washing the Exterior and Interior. Applying Compound and Wax to the Exterior and Cabin Cleaning.


Purchase Inspections

Completing a Pre-Purchase Inspection is important to protect you and your investment. This service includes reviewing the vessels hull, engine, electrical systems, fuel system, electronic navigation, communication systems and cosmetic condition. We will also discuss the future maintenance recommendations for the specific vessel and engine.

Mobile Service 

Half the battle of vessel maintenance and service is hulling the boat from it's current location. We minimize that hassle by providing our Mobile Service, whether your vessel is in the water or at your nearest Storage, Marine or Dock.


Electronics & Wiring

The 21st Century has provided us with many options when it comes to Marine Electronics.  Our services include:

  • Diagnosing your vessels current inoperable electronic devices.

  • Repairing or Replacing any inoperable devices.

  • Installation of new electronic devices and wiring on your vessel.

  • Our suggestions on brands and styles specific for your vessel. 

  • Navigation systems, Depth Sounders, Radars, Fuel-Flow Meters, AIS and more.

We will discus the best options for you and your vessel.


Our Services
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